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  • Effigy Chroma turns his pelt into a massive sentry that strengthens nearby allies and engulfs enemies in elemental attacks. Energy Drain: 10 s Strength: / / / (damage/tick) / / / (damage/second) / / / (health) Duration: N/A: Range: N/A: Misc: 20 m (attack range) 30 m (stun radius) 5 m.
  • May 28,  · James said the effigy was hung by men who appeared to be Kentucky Three Percenters, an anti-government, pro-gun group that the  Southern Poverty Law Center  identifies as part of the right-wing militia movement.
  • a portrait of a person, esp as a monument or architectural decoration a crude representation of someone, used as a focus for contempt or ridicule and often hung up or burnt in public (often in the phrases burn or hang in effigy) Derived forms of effigy .
  • Jun 19,  · In a tweet Thursday afternoon, Schaaf called the effigy “a deliberate and vile attempt to traumatize and divide Oaklanders.” The discovery came a .
  • Define effigies. effigies synonyms, effigies pronunciation, effigies translation, English dictionary definition of effigies. n. pl. ef·fi·gies 1. A crude figure or dummy representing a hated person or group. 2. A likeness or image, especially of a person. Idiom: in effigy.
  • 22 hours ago · With the release of the new Ruinous Effigy Exotic trace rifle, we now have a way to destroy the orbs, and a reason to do so. There are 50 Eyes of .
  • burn (one) in effigy To set on fire something that symbolizes a person who one opposes. In protest of the war, a large group has set about burning the president in effigy. See also: burn, effigy hang (someone) in effigy To protest someone by displaying a representation of them, such as an image or dummy, being hanged. (An "effigy" is such a.
  • Ancient effigies are a part of the Distractions and Diversions released on the 15 June They require nourishment which is supplied by knowledge in particular skills with a level range of 91 to 97, with there being four stages for each effigy. The reward from doing so is an amount of experience in the skill used to nourish that effigy, and after the fourth stage a dragonkin lamp appears.

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