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  • The fourth and final volume in Document's series assembles a wide range of Blind Blake material, from sides cut under the name Blind Arthur ("Guitar Chimes" and "Blind Arthur's Breakdown"), collaborations with vaudeville singer Chocolate Brown (a.k.a. Irene Scruggs), and even his sole two-part blues, the morbid "Rope Stretchin' Blues."Among the final pair of tracks, from mid, the first.
  • Besides his (wonderful) guitar-playing is Blind Blake the singer and songwriter. One of the things I love about pre-war or country blues is the sheer conversationality of the music, the fullness of life as its lived they represent. At their height a blues singer might be expected to put out a dozen or so 78s a year.
  • () (/) Bear Family Records - Proud to be Independent - Die weltweit renommierteste Firma für Wiederveröffentlichungen - Country Music und Rock'n'Roll, Schlager der 50er und 60er Jahre, Beat, internationale Oldies, Chansons, Jazz, Kabarett & Kultur.
  • Blind Blake is a figure of enormous importance in American music. Not only was he one of the greatest blues guitarists of all-time, Blake seems to have been the primary developer of "finger-style" ragtime on the guitar, the six-string equivalent to playing ragtime on the piano. Blake mastered this form so completely that few, if any, guitarists who have learned to play in this style since.
  • Third Degree Blues Disc: 5 1. Guitar Chimes 2. Blind Arthur's Breakdown 3. Baby Lou Blues 4. Cold Love Blues 5. Papa Charlie and Blind Blake Talk About It, Pt. 1 6. Papa Charlie and Blind Blake Talk About It, Pt. 2 7. Stingaree Man Blues 8. Itching Heel 9.
  • BLIND BLAKE Vinyl Records and CDs: Blues singer and guitarist, born c. s, possibly in Jacksonville, Florida (unconfirmed); died c. in Florida (unconfirmed). "He may have been from Florida; his name may have been Arthur Blake; the rest of his biography is even more speculative." (The Penguin guide to blues recordings, , p.
  • Bootleg Rum Dum Blues – (Biograph, ) Search Warrant Blues –32 (Biograph, ) No Dough Blues –29 (Biograph, ) That Lovin' I Crave (Biograph, ) Ragtime Guitar's Foremost Fingerpicker (DLP, ) Blind Blake –29 (Matchbox, ) The Accompanist () (Wolf, ) Complete Recorded Works, vols. 1–4.

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